You are my light in bad times and my sunshine every morning. I’ll be watching over you every minute. Continue to make me proud.
Matt Griffin
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Matt Griffin

One life, one legacy.
Matt Griffin is a six year US Navy veteran and fifteen-year law enforcement veteran specializing in narcotic-related investigations. Matt began in the Navy in 1997 and in 2001 certified as Search and Rescue swimmer where he conducted counter drug operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom dismantling cartel members from delivering more than a metric ton of cocaine to the US. Matt started his police career with the Virginia Beach Police Department in August of 2003. He was assigned to the 3rd precinct where he received several accolades including the Class Act Award for initiative and motivation. Matt’s expertise
in patrol narcotics earned him a certification in Virginia Beach Criminal and Superior Court as an expert witness in narcotics packaging, distribution and sales.

In February of 2007, Matt began working with the Keene, NH Police Department where continued his work in narcotics by assisting with the NH Drug Task Force. In 2010, Matt was assigned as a School Resource Officer at a local high school. Based on his experience, Matt drafted the New Hampshire state policy on Cyber Bullying. Matt traveled across NH, presenting to various agencies and school boards how to effectively combat cyberbullying in schools.

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