God Wasn’t Finished With Him

Matt Griffin scheduled his suicide for midnight. He was tired and exhausted. But this wouldn’t be a rushed event. He’d planned his earthly exit so none of his four sons would find him, and that his death would ensure they had a better life without him.

A father, a former Navy Special Forces Rescue Swimmer, law enforcement officer, an undercover cop who spent years pretending to be someone he was not, Matt decided he had nothing left to offer his ex-wife, his family, his friends, or his community. But God had bigger plans — and a chance phone call only hours before he decided he’d crawl into his SUV and put his gun to his head, stopped him in his tracks, and changed his life and the lives of thousands of others.

The Journey to Midnight is Matt Griffin’s memoir about his childhood journey from the inner city and poverty, to a lacrosse scholarship at Morristown-Beard, one of the richest, most prestigious high schools in the country, to the US Navy, then a career as a law enforcement officer and undercover cop. Matt shares the heartbreak of divorce, the joy of single fatherhood, the dark streets of the drug world, and the thing that almost killed him, and killed 228 police officers in 2019, and continues to kill 22 military veterans per day:


Today Matt is a national speaker, mentor, and consultant who wants to change the culture around mental health and police, members of the military, Emergency Services, and Fire Fighters. The very people protecting society are the ones least likely to get the help they need and deserve because of a culture that stigmatizes PTSD, compassion burnout, and addiction. He didn’t just find love and the light. He found God. And now he wants to make sure other officers, emergency services personnel, and veterans know they’re loved, there’s light, and suicide is not the answer.

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